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Produced by Ramon Brockington, “Sisters of Surf” is a film about women on the island of Oahu who share a passion for being surrounded by the ocean. Ramon has been solely working on this film since early 2019, featuring women of different ethnicities, races, ages, and surf levels, to share their story. Over the past year, the storyline has naturally transformed, but the purpose remains the same: women empowerment through surfing.

Ramon has done this all on his own time and dime, with no intention of making a profit. So let’s come together as a community to give him that final push and help him take his film to the next level!

I’m stoked to auction off this original painting inspired by the film to raise money for Ramon. Bidding starts at $2,000 through Instagram @sarahcaudleart (or buy now for $4260 on my website and ends midnight August 8 HST. Matted prints are also available with all profits going towards the film. Mahalo nui loa! 💙


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