About the artwork

Please tell me how to care for resin art.

A: We use high quality resin to avoid yellowing, cracking, or clouding over time. Please avoid direct sunlight when displaying so that the resin shines beautifully. Also, be careful not to touch the surface directly. To remove stains, spray with glass cleaner and wipe with a soft cloth. Although the resin will not break, it may get scratched, so please handle with care. Please be careful not to rub Sarah's signature area too hard. For more information, please see "About the handling of resin art".

What is resin art?

A: The resin art we sell at our store is a faithful reproduction of Sarah's original drawing by scanning it. Giclee printed photo paper or acrylic is coated with multiple layers of glitter and resin to create a glossy finish similar to the original original.

What is the difference between "Open Edition" and "Limited Edition"?

A: The art title is a reproduction of a scanned original drawing drawn by Sarah.
Open editionversion means that the reproduced work can be printed in different sizes and quantities.

Limited editions are printed in a limited number of copies and are numbered. It is produced in a specific size and medium and has a limited amount of prints. For example, if you have a print numbered 6/10, that means a total of 10 prints will be made and there will be a 6th print.

What is matte print?

A: Matte prints are giclee prints on high-quality photo paper, protected by a thick white mount on the front and back.

How should I display matte prints?

A: We recommend displaying matte prints in a frame. The frame is American size, so unlike Japanese size, it is difficult to obtain. Our store offers frames in various sizes to fit Sarah's art. For more information, please see here.
Of course, you can stick it on the wall or lean it up as a decoration, but we recommend that you clean it frequently to remove dust and dirt. (If you want to paste it on the wall, there are specialty tapes available that will prevent the wallpaper from coming off, so please contact a specialty store for details.)

About delivery/shipping/payment

What carrier do you use for shipping? Also, how much does shipping cost?

A: Domestic shipping uses Yamato Transport. Shipping charges vary depending on the purchase amount.

Shipping fee is ¥480 (tax included) for purchases up to ① ¥6,500 (excluding tax), and ¥880 for purchases up to ②¥19,999 (excluding tax) (tax included), ③Free shipping for orders over ¥20,000 (tax excluded).

*In the case of ①, it will be delivered by Nekoposu (postbox), so it is not possible to specify the delivery date and time.

For more information, please check Shopping guide.

How long will it take to receive my item?

A: We will ship within 5 business days after confirming your order. If you choose bank transfer, your order will be delivered within 5 business days after payment is confirmed. In addition, if a reserved item or item is out of stock, we will contact you separately as it may take some time.

Can you ship overseas?

A: Yes, we can ship overseas. Delivery will be made using a carrier suitable for the country, such as EMS or FedEx.

For more information, please check Shopping guide.

Which country's currency can be displayed?

Currencies other than Japanese yen can be displayed in dollars, euros, Canadian dollars, and won. Please select the appropriate currency from the drop-down menu on the bottom left.

Can I make payments in currencies other than Japanese yen?

Although the contents of your cart are displayed at the current exchange rate, all orders will be processed in Japanese Yen. The amount may change depending on the payment date of the credit card company.

I would like to give it as a gift, but can you wrap it?

A: Currently, we do not offer individual wrapping, but if you have a preference, please write it in the notes section. We will do our best to wrap it as beautifully as possible. The resin art is also included in the box.