【Sarah Caudle / サラカードル】”Cherry Blossoms”Open Edition Resin Art on Wood


【Sarah Caudle / サラカードル】”Cherry Blossoms”Open Edition Resin Art on Wood - 6×12inch(約15×30cm) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

"Cherry Blossoms"
Cherry blossoms symbolize the beginning of spring, a time of rebirth, but they are also a reminder of the beauty and fragility of life. Cherry blossoms have always held a special place in my heart. When I learned that cherry blossoms are important in Japan, I knew I had to create a special series using cherry blossoms.

Open Edition Resin Art on Wood

Resin art is a high-quality print of Sarah's original drawing that has been converted into high-resolution data and is pasted on a wood panel. Combined with the glitter and many layers of resin poured over it, it is a breathtakingly beautiful piece of art. All are officially licensed products reproduced under Sarah's direction. It shines just like Sarah's original original painting, including glitter that expresses the sparkling sea. You can enjoy different expressions depending on the time of day, with the shadows and gloss created by the light hitting it.

■Size: 6×12inch (approx. 15×30cm) Depth approx. 3.6cm

*Comes with a certificate of Sarah Caudle Art.
*It will be delivered in a box.
*Since each item is glittered, the appearance may differ from the photo.
*Due to the nature of the resin, there may be unevenness when it hardens, but please enjoy it as a unique item.
*If we do not have it in stock, we will accept reservations. (It will take approximately 2 months for delivery.)

<About handling>
We use high-quality resin that will not yellow, crack, or cloud over time. Please avoid direct sunlight when displaying so that the resin shines beautifully. Also, be careful not to touch the surface directly.
To remove stains, spray with glass cleaner and wipe with a soft cloth.
Although the resin will not break, it may get scratched, so please handle with care. For detailed characteristics and handling methods of resin art, please seeClick here Please see .