[Frame] Classic frame



An off-white natural frame finished in antique wood grain.
The color and grain of the wood are slightly different, and each frame has its own unique texture.
Only the S size has a stand to stand against.
(made in Japan)

We make it in a size that matches the matte prints sold at our shop, so please choose the same size. For example, if you have an S size matte print, please select "S size" for the frame.

・ Size development (the size inside the frame.)
S [8 x 10 inch (about 20 x 25 cm)]
M【 11 × 14 inch (about 27.5 × 35cm)]
SQ [12 x 12 inch (about 30 x 30 cm)]
L [ 16 × 20 inch (about 40 × 50cm)]

・ Frame size(It is the size of the outer size of the frame.)
S [Approximately 30 x 25 cm (thickness 1.7 cm)] ¥ 7,800 (¥ 8,580- including tax)
M  【About 40.5×33cm(Thickness 1.7 cm)]¥ 10,500 (¥ 11,550- including tax)
SQ [approx. 35.5 x 35.5cm(Thickness 1.7 cm)]¥ 10,500 (¥ 11,550- including tax)
L [Approximately 56 x 46 cm (thickness 1.7 cm)] ¥ 16,500 (¥ 18,150- including tax)

・ UV cut acrylic plate (2 mm thick) with double-sided protective sheet
・ Thickness adjusting material
・ Back plate
・ Picture frame string
・ Hanging metal fittings
・ Stand (S size only)

* Since the corners of the acrylic plate are sharp, when peeling off the sheetBe careful not to cut your fingertips.
* Please note that the art in the frame is not included in the product.
* If the item is out of stock, it will be accepted as a reserved item. Please wait for about 3 weeks before delivery.
* If you wish to specify the delivery date and time, please proceed to the purchase procedure from "Add to cart" for the convenience of the system.