Our Team

Sarah Caudle Art is an amazing team comprised of Sarah who paints her originals and runs her business, plus her amazing assistants that help with everything else from prepping panels, adding hardware, matting prints, packaging orders, and more! Learn more about the Sunroom "Dream Team" and check out their own amazing artwork:


Ana Lucia Guzman
studio manager
Ana Lucia is an artist from Oaxaca, Mexico that moved to Hawai'i in 2014. Inspired by the beauty of the island, she hand makes wood frames and creates vibrant resin paintings within. (View her work here: analuciag.com ) She loves being part of such an amazing team and get to work with them everyday at The Sunroom! 
Fun Fact: Her full name is composed by 6 names!
'Alohilani Housman
production manager


‘Alohilani Housman was born and raised in Hilo, Hawai’i and is very passionate about her Hawaiian culture and language. She loves being out in nature, exploring, arts and crafts, and being surrounded by good people. (check out her company 'Alohi Creations  )

Fun Fact: She speaks fluent Hawaiian!

Gabrielle Rights
social media manager

Gabrielle Rights is a jack-of-all-trades, freelance marketing consultant. She works to improve brand awareness and increase sales through specialized social media management, website copy and bio-write-ups, content calendars and strategy, and email marketing (she's taking on new clients too! email her at gabrielle.n.rights@gmail.com if you're interested).

Fun Fact: She loves nothing more than a good adventure and has sailed between the Hawaiian Islands and also taken a motorcycle trip through Vietnam and Laos!

Lauryn Balsley
production assistant
Lauryn is from Florida and has lived in Hawaii for a couple years. She loves hiking and being outdoors. She finds being out in nature so rejuvenating and inspires her to capture moments in nature and sparks her creativity in the studio
Fun Fact: She has been to a few National Parks, but would love to go to all 63
McKenna Petersen
production assistant 
A student of Fine Art, with a creative fire forged by film photography and nature, McKenna has been practicing photography for 10+ years, along with exploring as many other mediums as possible (check out her work here: mckennapetersen.com ). She loves to help her coworkers, either by assisting with their work, or by making them smile (or by bringing them coffee) ! 
Fun Fact: She has been described as the human embodiment of an Australian shepherd