photo by Toto & Meme Photography


Over exertion and intense creation led me to take a break from my resin ocean art. I reached a point where it was necessary to take a step back and rediscover myself as an artist. This is when I decided to embark on both a physical and emotional huaka’i (journey).

This huaka’i has allowed me to be inspired and has given me the space to explore new places, new mediums, new ideas, and most importantly has offered me a new frame of reference. I was able to better understand what intrigued me and what generated the most powerful emotions inside of me.  

Hawai’i has been a driving force behind this curiosity and these feelings. The combination of such raw natural beauty and defining spiritual connection is undoubtedly my strongest form of inspiration. The thought of these elements continue to shape my artwork as part of my creative huaka'i. 

I have always been in awe of the ocean….vast and mysterious from afar, but full of life and energy. As I continued to understand and seek the attraction and feelings that the ocean created for me, my huaka’i began to guide me mauka (toward the mountains) with love towards the ʻāina (land). 

The mauna (mountains) are sacred and powerful, considered a strong source of spiritual energy. Literally they exist between sea, earth and sky; figuratively, they are the bridge between us and beyond. Their significance is even larger than their commanding physical form. 

To me, they are strong and powerful yet also soft and beautiful. From lush rolling valleys full of flora and fauna, to the sharp ridge lines with cascading waterfalls, every form is gracefully shaped. Like the ocean, they radiate feelings not only of intrigue and mystery, but also of peace and reassurance. I am fascinated by what may seem like motionless formations, when in reality the mauna and ʻāina continually shift, adapt, and create a wealth of new life, growth, and emotions. 

These are the sentiments that have become the pillars of my creative huaka’i at this moment. I hope that my new art can serve as a reminder to take in the beauty of the present moment, and to not be discouraged by the difficulties and unpredictable nature of the journey that is life.  


"Huaka'i" original oil on canvas painting, available through Polu Gallery


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