PLEASE NOTE: Limited Edition Resin Prints are on hold!

We are so stoked with how well the limited edition resin prints are doing. However, because of so many orders, we cannot keep up! We have temporarily put resin prints on hold to focus on completing current orders. We will let you know once they are available to order again! Mahalo for your patience and understanding! 

Add a splash of aloha to your life with Sarah Caudle Art!

Honolulu-based creative Sarah Caudle uses resin as her medium to perfectly present everything there is to love about the beach.

HAWAI'I Magazine

Wow!!! We were so amazed at how beautiful this turned out...The extra touches you made were perfect. The colors, the atmosphere, the flow ... just so spectacular.

Scott (commission collector)


Using acrylic and resin, each painting is unique and cannot be recreated. The resin finish provides a glossy high-end contemporary look.

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Resin Prints

All resin prints are limited edition and give a similar look of the original. Each is hand-highlighted, signed, and numbered by the artist. *CURRENTLY ON HOLD*

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Painted Vases

What was once Sarah’s resin and paint mixing cup is now a unique piece of art and beautiful vase for you to display flowers!

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Matted Prints

Matted prints are open edition and professionally printed on fine art glossy paper in standard sizes. They are matted and bagged with the title on the back - ready to frame.

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Open Edition Prints

Open edition prints can be printed in different sizes on either fine art glossy paper, glossy canvas, or directly on acrylic to give a high end look on a lower budget. *COMING SOON!*

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Sarah Caudle Art is printed on lifestyle items including, Foterra Jewelry, Matador pocket blanket, pillows, t-shirts, notebooks, hats, bags, and more!

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created with aloha

"I don’t paint particular beaches, but rather as an expression of how they make me feel. The beach is where my body feels alive, my mind feels free, and my spirit feels restored. The world seems to stand still as I paint the beach and all my worries wash away as I pour out my heart and soul into each piece." -Sarah

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